Gost Stories!

Part I: Jitters

We finished unpacking and settled into our new place in a small neighborhood of L.A at the beginning of February. My husband, Tom, finally got his dream position at a huge tech firm called Vortex as an engineer. I just recently got a job teaching 5th-grade math at the school our 10-year-old daughter, Emily, was enrolled in. Things couldn’t have been any better. The neighbors seemed friendly. Our house happened to be at the end of the lane, somewhat secluded from the rest. There was some kind of strange tension in the air as if everyone was on edge.

It was Emily and my first day at this school. I’m still surprised I was able to snag the position on such a short notice. They needed the position filled quickly. I don’t know anything about what happened with the previous person, but I was fortunate enough to teach the same class my daughter was taking.

As I drove Emily and myself to school, our neighborhood seemed strangely quiet. As we arrived, Emily and I made our way to the principal’s. We stepped into principal Reuben Avila’s office and he greeted us both with a smile and a handshake. “Mrs. Trisha Porter and Emily, it’s so good to have the both of you at our fine institution.”

Mr. Avila was a relatively older gentleman, probably in his early 60s. He’s almost completely bald with a patch of grey hair above his ears trailing around the back of his head. His stomach came out over his belt and he wore a typical button-up white shirt and tie. He fixed his glasses as we sat down at his desk.

“Thank you for hiring me on such short notice, I’m sure Emily will fit right in with the other students,” I told him.

“We’re glad to have both of you,” he continued. He hit the button on his phone and messaged his secretary in. “Ellan, why don’t you show Emily to her first class.”

As Emily left with Ellan, Principal Avila all of sudden got very serious.

“With the tragedy that happened at the church, we just want to move forward the best we can.”

“I heard about the massacre at the church on the news, I didn’t realize this school was so affected by it,” I said completely caught off guard. I remember hearing about the church massacre in the news. All the members of the congregation, including the pastor, were all brutally murdered. It was only just a few weeks ago.

“Yes, the whole thing was a tragedy… It’ll require some time before we’ll recover from it. Mr. Conley, our very own teacher, the man you’re replacing was one of the people who died, along with several students, teachers, and parents. I ask that you try to steer clear of bringing it up in conversation, as we are all at a lost,” he said in such a monotone, almost rehearsed voice. This explained why they were in such a rush to fill the position.

“I understand,” I answered him

“Good,” he said as he relaxed slightly. “Now, let’s get you settled in.”

He walked me down to my classroom and introduced me to the class. After he left I had the class introduce themselves and we went over what they had learned so far. They were just starting fractions, I wanted to continue where Mr. Conley left off. For the rest of class, I went over adding and subtracting fractions.

When Lunch finally arrived, I headed down to the teacher’s lounge with the lunch I packed. I made Emily and myself some plain jane peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with some baby carrots and trail mix. The lunch of champions.

Several other teachers have already found themselves a seat in the teacher’s lounge. Over on the right was a red-haired, very beautiful woman, most likely in her mid-30s sitting by herself. I casually walked up to her table. “Mind if I have a seat?” I asked her.

“No, not at all,” she smiled. She seemed rather upbeat compared to the rest of the staff. I took the seat next to her. She had long red hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles scattered across her face like the milky way galaxy.

“You must be new here as well,” she said. That explained why she’s so cheerful. I assumed all the staff was all still affected by the tragedy, to see someone actually in a good mood seemed almost out of place. She must have been hired to replace someone else who was killed in the massacre.

“Yep, I’m the new math teacher, what about you?”

“History,” she said.

“So how’s your first day on the job going?” she asked.

“So far? It’s going well, the kids are great, but it was your typical first day. I had them all introduce themselves and then I had them explain what they had learned this year so far. The usual.”

“That’s pretty much how my first day went. By the way, I’m Chelsea Chambers,” she said.

“Trisha Thompson, it’s nice to meet you, Chelsea.”

“Ladies… Is this seat taken?” A man said with strawberry blonde hair, pale white skin and some noticeable scars around his mouth. He had on those BTK/Zodiac killer type glasses on along with a white button up short sleeve shirt with the chest pocket and of course, it had a pocket protector with an assortment of pens in it.

“Of course not, feel free to have a seat,” Chelsea said.

“Thank you, I appreciate that… By the way, did you know that one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population has red hair?” He smiled in such a strange way as his eyes strayed down from Chelsea’s, obviously taking in all of her assets.

“Hmmm, interesting…” Chelsea uttered. He turned to me and gave me such a strange stare.

“I had a neighbor once, she looked a lot like you. She killed her husband and is now sitting in jail,” he said rather bluntly. What a creepy thing to say. I looked at Chelsea and I can see that she was just as uncomfortable as me.

She glanced back at me. “Well, I have to use the bathroom before class, care to join me?” She asked me.

“Yes, that would be great,” I replied.

“Why is it women always go to the bathroom together? I would love to know what you do in there…” he said which just made me feel dirty. Not in a sexy way, but a sleazy, trashy sense.


As we entered the women’s restroom both Chelsea and I let out a sigh of relief. “What’s with that guy?” I asked her.

“I know right? What a creep… I mean, the thing he said to you about his neighbor… Who says that to people?”

“Right!? And the way he said he wanted to know what we did in the bathroom? It just made me feel so… sleazy.”

“Like come on? Why else do people go to the bathroom?” she asked.

“To get away from creeps like him…” I muttered.

“For real,” she laughed.

We left the bathroom and went to our classes across the hall from each other.


As our first day of school came to an end, I watched the kids rush out of class in a hurry to escape the drudgery of school. Emily grabbed her things and we left the classroom together just as the Chelsea across the hall left her class. She gave me a smile, then she looked at Emily. “How was the first day?”

“It was great! I can’t wait for tomorrow!” she perked up.

“Well that’s good to hear, I’m glad you had a good first day, Emily,” she said. “I enjoyed having you in my history class.”

“Me too!” Emily said.

Chelsea turned to me. “And how was the rest of your first day?”

“Honestly, it went rather smoothly, how was your day?” I asked her.

“Couldn’t have been any better, how would you like to grab a coffee during recess tomorrow?” she asked.

“That sounds wonderful!” Thank God for Chelsea! I was worried it would be hard to find connections with the rest of the staff after the tragedy that took place. It’s nice to have someone in the same situation.

“Awesome!” She smiled and then bent down to Emily’s level. “I can’t wait to see you in class tomorrow, Emily.”

“I can’t wait to come to class tomorrow!” Emily squealed as we headed out to the parking lot.

We got into the car and made our way home. It was about a 15-minute drive from the school to our house, which was in a small little neighborhood on the far northeast of LA. “How did I do?” I asked her.

“I thought you did great, mom,” she says as looks out the window, taking in the new surroundings. “Although, don’t ya think the lessons are a little easy?”

That’s my girl, always trying to challenge herself. “Honey, you’re a little farther ahead than most kids your age. Don’t worry, I have some special problems just for you to solve.”

“Really!? Thank god! I was worried I was going to be stuck doing simple addition and subtraction of fractions,” she sighed. “How do they not know how to add fractions for goodness sakes. I mean come on, I learned basic algebra when I was 7. By the way, the other day I watched some videos on derivatives and they don’t look all that complicated.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she seemed to understand derivatives! My god! Most high school seniors can barely handle calculus, but Emily already seems to have a good grasp on the subject and she’s only 10. She’s learning at an even faster rate than I ever dreamed of.

As we pulled up to the stop sign Emily suddenly gasped. “Mom, there’s a creepy clown just standing there at the corner!”

I looked over where she was pointing and a chill went down my spine. Standing at the corner of the intersection was one of the creepiest clowns I have ever seen. The top of its head was completely bald with sporadic purple hair coming out from the side. His entire head was painted white with dark purple paint around its eyes. Of course, it had a big red ball for a nose and purple paint around its eyes. When I looked closer, what I saw disturbed me. Its eyes were almost glowing red almost perfectly matching the ball on its nose as if it was possessed or something. It was wearing the typical clown costume with a white ruffle neck collar and a baggy one-piece costume all purple with white polka dots. Although there were some nasty red stains all over its costume. Were those blood stains?! It stood there staring at us holding three balloons. Suddenly it smiled the most sadistic smile I’ve ever seen, showing off its razor sharp yellow teeth. The way it smiled was what really scared me. All deranged as if it was hungry and wanted to eat us. I couldn’t help but shiver at the thought.

We waited at the red light for what seemed like forever as that creepy clown continued to stare at us. Slowly, it picked up its hand and waved at us in such a dreadful manner. Like something you’d see in a horror movie, goosebumps covered my skin.

Suddenly it started to skip towards us. “Mom! That scary clown is coming!” Emily gasped. “It’s going to hurt us!”

My eyes darted over to the light which was still a bright red color. My heart was beating faster and faster as the terrifying clown walked closer to us. Finally, the light turned green and I pressed the pedal all the way down to the floorboard, burning my tires against the pavement. Putting as much distance between us and that clown as possible. I looked in the mirror back at it and what I saw almost gave me a heart attack. It just stood there as it waved its hand at us with that toothy grin and those burning demonic eyes. I must have been still exhausted from the move, it just didn’t seem real.

After we finally arrived home, I went through the house and made sure all the doors and windows were locked. My heart was still pounding in my chest and my hands were shaking. Emily went and got the dog and went to let him out to go potty, but I stopped her and told her to wait for me. I didn’t want her to go outside by herself after seeing that creepy clown. Once I finally felt secure, I went outside with Emily and the dog. Tom came home shortly after and I told him all about the clown incident.

“I saw something on the news about clowns. Apparently, they have been popping up all over the city,” Tom said.

“Why does it have to be clowns,” I asked. “I hate clowns!”

We ordered a pizza for dinner. It didn’t take long for the Pizza delivery guy to arrive. I answered the door to see a dark-haired young man, probably in his early 20s with pale white skin and chilling steely blue eyes that seemed to peer right through me. His expression was one of malice, but in an instant, a smile crept on his face, showing his yellow teeth. It was cringe-worthy.

“Here’s your pizza,” he grinned almost sadistically.

“Ahh… Thanks,” I handed him the money and took the pizza. I went to shut the door but he put his foot in the door.

“Such a nice home you got here,” he said with such a twisted smile, it sent chills down my spine.

“Th.. thank you,” I stammered, he finally took away his foot, still smiling so eerily. Those steel blue eyes feel like they’re tearing my clothes off as they gaze up and down me. It made me feel disgusted and afraid. This guy just has that look. The kind of look that serial killers have.

I finally got the nerve to shut the door, but the guy just stood there for several minutes before he finally left. He gave me such a weird vibe. I brought the pizza in and we all sat down to eat.

“Do things seem off to you… I mean, this neighborhood just seems so… Strange,” I admitted to Tom.

“You know… Now that you mention it… Things do seem a little odd, maybe it’s just the move,” he suggested.

“Probably… “ I mumbled.

“By the way, I think I made a friend at work today, Chelsea, she teaches history,” I told Tom.

“I really like Ms. Chambers,” Emily added. The pizza tasted different, strange. The pepperoni tasted different to me.

After Emily went to bed, Tom and I cuddled up on the sofa as the evening news started. ‘Missing persons reports have increased in the Southern California region in the past few months’ the reporter informed us.

‘Clowns have been appearing all over LA, several appearances have been caught on video.’ They run several short clips of creepy clowns that were caught on camera and posted on social media.



The drive to school was uneventful. Emily was quick to part ways as we entered the school. I stopped into the teacher’s lounge and made myself a cup of coffee. Luckily the coffee had just finished brewing. I poured myself a cup and put in some cream and sugar. “Morning Trish! Mind if I call you Trish?”

“Chelsea! Good Morning! No not at all,” I said as I took a sip of my coffee. The redhead beamed with energy and looked absolutely flawless. Where did she get it all from?

“How’s the coffee?” she asked.

“Not bad. Truth be told, I can’t operate without at least one cup in the morning.”

“I’m the same way, complete and total caffeine addict…” She smiled as she went to pour herself a cup.

“Did someone say caffeine addict?” We both turned to look who spoke and it was Mr. Creepy himself. “I couldn’t help eavesdrop on your conversation, you really shouldn’t drink so much caffeine, it can cause all sorts of health problems. By the way, I never got your names. I’m Gary.”

“Ahhh, I’m Chelsea,” she stammered as she gave me a glance.

“Trish,” I said bluntly.

He turned to me as his eyes bore into my chest which caused me to cross my arms. “I saw you and your daughter walking into school this morning. She’s very pretty. Such flawless skin.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. I thought I didn’t hear him correctly, did he really just talk about my daughter like that?

“Trish, remember you were going to help me with that… thing,” Chelsea interrupted. “Sorry… ahh… Gary, we really need to get going before class starts.”

Chelsea and I left the teachers lounge, but the entire encounter creeped me out. He better no go anywhere near Emily.

As we got out of earshot of that creep Chelsea and I both looked at each other. “Someone needs to check the predators’ list and see if Gary’s name’s on it,” she said.

“I know, right!? Who says that about a 10-year-old girl? Remind me never to let that man anywhere near my daughter.”



Lunchtime finally arrived and I was starved. As I walked into the teacher’s lounge, I sat down next to Chelsea once again. We were the first ones in the lounge for once. The news was running some story on the recent brutal murders of rich media mogul Baxter and Senator Miller. Apparently, witnesses claimed a ghost killed them. It looks like police found some footage of both Miller and Baxter admitting to all the awful things they’ve done, including rape. I’m not sure I believe that a ghost killed them, but I’m not surprised that they were disgusting scumbags.

“Watching the news just makes it seem like the world has gone mad,” Chelsea commented.

“Yeah no kidding, it’s all doom and gloom. But come on Ghosts? Really?” I said. Chelsea gives me a look of concern.

“Wait… You don’t honestly believe in these ghost stories, do you?” I asked her.

“I mean, multiple witnesses have seen some mysteriously cloaked creature at the scene, during the time it happened. Each witness describes the ghost in exactly the same way. Red glowing eyes, tattered cloth with smokey fog seething off it,” she told me. I’m shocked she’d actually believe this crap. “If multiple witnesses have stated seeing the exact same thing, there must be some truth to it.”

“More clown sightings have been spotted throughout LA,” the reporter announced from the tv.

“Uhhh, why does it have to be clowns?” I asked.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared of clowns?” she asked.

“Hell yeah, I’m scared of clowns. Are you kidding me? They’re so creepy!”

“What!? Clowns? They’re supposed to make you laugh, how can that be creepy?” she asked.

“Because they’re totally evil, obviously. Why else would an adult wear face paint and show up at parties just for kids? Definitely no red flags there…”

She laughed so hard, she snorted. “You’re so cynical. Maybe they just want to share some laughter and joy.”

“Have you seen the news lately? Those clowns do not want to share “laughter” and “Joy.” They’re psychopaths that want to kill you.” I stated with a slight hint of sarcasm, but deep down I was as serious as ever.

Just when things were going good, Gary pulls up a chair. “Hello ladies,” he says in a way that made my skin crawl.

He turned to Chelsea, his eyes drop straight to her chest. “Did you know the belly button is the most sensualist part of the body?”

God, he’s so creepy! Who says that? Chelsea glanced over to me with that save me look.

“Well, I need to go freshen up, would you care to join me, Chelsea?” I asked her as she looked relieved.

“Yes, that does sound like a good idea,” she agreed.

“You two aren’t avoiding me are you?” Gary asked cynically. “I would hate to be a bother to such beautiful women as yourselves.”

“No, not at all. We just have to use the ladies room,” Chelsea said as we left.

“Could someone possibly be any creepier than Gary?” she asked as we entered the bathroom.

“The way he stares at us just creeps me out,” I said.

“And the things he says, like who in their right mind would say stuff like that?” she asked in disbelief.



During recess, I finished grading some math computations just before Chelsea walked in.

“Hey, how’s the grading going?” she asked.

“Just finished, how about you?”

“Same here, so how are you liking the move so far?” she asked.

“It’s not so bad, but it seems the air is quite tense here,” I remarked.

“Yeah, no kidding. When my girlfriend and I moved in, it seems like our neighbors were all on edge.” I was shocked to learn that Chelsea was gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just didn’t peg her for a lesbian.

“That’s how I felt as well.”

Chelsea turned her gaze out the window. All of a sudden her eyes widened and she moved to the window. “What the…”

I peered out the window to see what she was staring at and at first, I didn’t really realize what I was looking at. I noticed some kids gathering at the edge of the playground. But when I looked closer, my heart felt like it sank to the bottom of my stomach. A freakish looking clown was handing out balloons and waving the kids to follow him. Chelsea and I both gave each other looks. “I’m going to call the police,” I said and after I grabbed my cell we both rushed outside.

I called 911 immediately as we hurried to the kids.

“911 where is your emergency?”

“Hi, I’m a teacher at San Fernando Middle School and there is a clown handing out balloons to our kids, trying to get them to follow him.”

“Ma’am, I’m sending out a unit, it’s important that you remain calm. Do you see him right now?” the operator asked.

“Yes! He’s trying to get several kids to follow him. I’m on my way out there with another teacher!” I told her as we head outside.

“Ma’am please don’t do anything drastic, can you describe the clown for me,” the woman asked.

“He’s got white face paint with his entire mouth all painted red, a red ball on his nose, the top of his head is bald, but he’s got blue hair coming out the side. He’s got on a long red shirt, almost like a dress with a bow tie. Oh my god! My daughter’s with him!”

“Ma’am, you need to remain calm, police are on their way.”

“He sees us! The clown sees us! He’s running away!” I tell her as we both run towards the kids as fast as we can. The clown makes a run for it across the street through one of the neighboring house’s property. My heart is threatening to leap out of my chest. My hands are so clammy.

We finally get to the kids. “Is everyone alright?” Chelsea asks them all. Most of them nodded.

“Are we in trouble?” Emily asked. “I tried to convince everyone not to go with him.”

“No, but never talk to strangers like that,” Chelsea told them. I finished my call with the dispatcher and we took them all inside. We went to the Principal’s office and told him what happened. He brought all the kids inside and locked the school down.

Once the police arrived we told them everything that happened. They talked with the kids, including my daughter. Then they looked at the security cameras.

The lockdown went on for almost an hour before everything finally calmed down. We released the kids after we finally called all the parents and got the buses here. I had Emily with me as I went back to the classroom to grab my things. I ran into Chelsea once more on the way out.

“What a crazy day…” she commented.

“Right!? I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” I admitted. “Why does it always have to be clowns…”

“I’m starting to see why they’re so scary now,” she stated.

“Say, how would you and your girlfriend like to go out for dinner with my husband and Emily? Maybe we can get some relief from all the craziness,” I asked her.

“We would love to, let me talk to her and I’ll give you a call,” she said.

“That would be great, how about you put your number in my phone and I’ll shoot you a text.” I handed her my phone.

“Sounds great,” she said as she punched her number in my phone. I texted her, so she had mine.

On our way home I called Tom and told him about what happened today and our dinner plans for tonight. After I heard back from Chelsea, we had decided on a little Italian place 10 minutes away from our house. I told Tom and he said he’d meet us there.

Emily and I arrived to find Chelsea and her girlfriend had already got us a table. Chelsea introduced us to her girlfriend Kendra and we took our seats. Tom hadn’t arrived just yet. Kendra was very beautiful. The way her dark brunette hair came down to the one side allowed the light to shine just right that gave those luscious dark brown a majestic sparkle. She had dark caramel skin that seemed as if it should have been enveloped in a candy wrapper.

As we got talking, Tom finally arrived. I introduced him and we placed our orders.

“So what are your thoughts on the neighborhood now that the both of you are settled in,” Kendra asked.

“Honestly, it’s been kind of strange, like the whole neighborhood is on edge. I mean I get that everyone is still dealing with the tragedy of the church massacre, but with all these clown sightings… It just makes me wonder if moving here was a good idea,” I told them truthfully.

“It’s good to know someone feels the same way,” Kendra said as she gave Chelsea a look.

“It hasn’t been all bad,” Chelsea argued. “It looks like we’ve made some friends.”

“So… Chelsea told me about what happened today at school,” Kendra said. I looked over at Emily to make sure she was all right.

“Yeah… It was… weird. I mean who does that!?” I asked.

“I bet Gary secretly dresses up like a clown,” Chelsea said.

“Yeah, that guy is a grade A creep,” I added.

“Who’s Gary?” Tom asked.

“Oh… I totally forgot to tell you about Gary, he’s just this teacher who’s been creeping up on Chelsea,” I told him.

“Yeah, he says the weirdest things, like how sensual belly buttons are? How creepy is that?” she added.

“Well, he told me I looked like a neighbor he had that killed her husband… Who says that to someone!?” I asked.

“Sounds like a creep, Emily do you know who they’re talking about?” Tom asked.

“Mr. Lester, he’s my science teacher,” she said. “He’s weird.”

“Well… That proves it, if Emily says so, it must be true,” Chelsea says.

“So Kendra, what do you do?” I asked changing the subject.

“I’m a radiologist at the hospital,” she said.

“Really? That’s interesting, so you give people X-Rays?” I asked.

“Actually MRI’s, but I know how the machine works and I’ve filled in several times for X-Ray,” she explained.

“What’s the worst injury you’ve ever seen?” Tom asked.

“Tom! You can’t expect her to talk about her patients,” I scolded him.

“No, it’s alright. As long as I don’t reveal the patient’s name, I can still tell you about some of the injuries I’ve seen,” she said. “One patient was so mangled, with torn muscles, shattered bones, and the such I was surprised he was still alive.”

“I don’t know what could have possibly caused such an injury,” she added. “He was attacked by something, no one was able to identify it. It was only a few months ago. It was some kind of creature if I remember correctly there was some poorly recorded footage of the attack. The creature looked almost… alien.”

“Well, that really puts me at ease living here,” I commented.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about the creature, it was killed by two individuals almost as strange as the creature itself… The times we live in…”

“Right… Clowns, ghosts and aliens… Go figure,” Chelsea retorted.



I caught a glimpse of the news as I got Emily and myself ready for school, another video was uploaded. I thought nothing of it as we left for school that morning. In the teacher’s lounge, everybody was huddled around, watching something on Craig’s cellphone. I heard gasps as several looked away.

My interest was peaked, I leaned over to see what the big fuss was all about. What I saw caused my stomach to curdle. Clowns were butchering people in what looked like a church.

The sight of a man getting his faced smash in with a hammer by a bald lunatic with white face paint and a red nose and black diamonds painted his eyes made my head dizzy and my knees weak. The laugh I heard coming out of the speakers sent chills down my spine. It was pure evil.

“Oh my god, was that Conley!?” someone asked. I couldn’t watch anymore. I needed to sit down.

I stumbled over to the couch and nearly collapsed as Shauna, the art teacher, threw up in the trash can.

Beads of sweat started to form on my skin as it felt like the life was being drained from my body. I could still hear that demonic laugh.



Apparently, Chelsea hasn’t shown up at school, nor has she called in sick. I didn’t know Chelsea for all that long, but it didn’t seem like that was something she would do. She always seemed like she was someone who was punctual or at the very least responsible enough to call in sick. I tried calling her cell phone, but no answer. I left her a text message to let me know if everything was all right.



With all that was going on Tom had agreed to install a security system with cameras. I watched the footage from the other night. For the most part, it was quiet, but just after 2 AM that I saw them. I felt my heart drop. There were three of them. The first one was completely bald with diamonds painted around his eyes that came up to his forehead. I couldn’t tell what color the paint was because it was too dark. His mouth was also painted as well as his nose. He was wearing overalls with puffy balls coming down the front and a polka dotted shirt underneath with one of those neck ruffles.

The second clown I recognized from the playground the other day. He was wearing the same outfit, an extremely long shirt with a bow tie. He was almost completely bald except for two patches of hair that came out from both sides. Beneath the red ball he had for a nose, was completely colored in red paint, a different paint than the one that covered the rest of his face. His eyes also had on a layer of paint. The third clown had on a multicolored afro with red face paint around his mouth and a typical baggy clown outfit.

They just stood there, in front of our door. What could these sadistic fucks possibly want?! They started to circle the house, checking every window and finally the back door. Eventually, they left. To know they were outside our home while we slept not only disgusted me, but I felt so… Afraid. Like there was nothing we could do. Remembering the footage of the church massacre, fear flooded me like a broken dam of ice cold water.

Once I finally snapped out of it, I got the courage to call the police. Two officers arrived shortly after and I showed them the footage. They said they would do their best to keep tabs on us, but they were short-handed ever since the ghost incident at the peer. I remember hearing something in the news about it.

Later that night, I pleaded with Tom to move as far away from this neighborhood as possible. We argued for over an hour. He said he couldn’t see giving up his job.



We arrived at school as usual and still no Chelsea. I tried calling her cell phone one more time, but no answer.

At lunchtime, I entered the teacher’s lounge and everyone was glued to the TV.

“Another video has been uploaded with two more victims from the clowns terrorizing this city. This time they have given us a clear threat. We have identified the victims as Chelsea Chambers and Kendra Vahdat. We can’t play the entire video because the images are too disturbing to play on live television. But we will show you a small clip of the threat made by the clowns. Roll the footage,” the reporter announced. No!!! They couldn’t have! Chelsea’s can’t be dead! My stomach curled as I sank into one of the chairs, eyes glued to the TV.

They flipped to a footage of the same clown that stood outside my door last night, the bald one. My entire body was paralyzed with fear as if I was put in a vice. That evil smile displayed on his painted white face with such malicious intent. His teeth looked rotten to the core and the black paint that covered his mouth made it all the creepier. He was wearing the same diamond black paint that covered his eyes which made it seem like he had no soul.

“Boys and girls. Hahahaha. We’re going to play game… It’ll be soo much fun!” That laughter… The same laughter haunted me ever since the video of the church massacre. “I want to see how loud a human can scream. So every night we’re going to select some lucky contestants and make them scream until they die.”

“Don’t worry… We will get very creative with the way we make them scream, Hahahahaha!!” What kind of sadistic monster is this!?

He moved out of the way to reveal Chelsea and Kendra tied up in the middle of a kitchen. Both crying hysterically. The same two clowns that were with that evil bastard outside my house stood behind them. The footage suddenly cut back to the reporter.

“We cannot show the rest of the footage because of our network policies. We have confirmed that the authorities have found the bodies of the victims and are working to catch the people responsible. If you have any information please contact the authorities.”

All the teacher’s rushed to get their phones out and pull up the video, including myself. As I watched the same scene of those horrifying clowns announcing their sadistic plan, I feel sick knowing those monsters murdered Chelsea.

The one doing the talking pulls out a knife… Oh god, I don’t know if I can watch this, but my eyes are glued to the screen. The other two take off the gags from Chelsea and Kendra. They both start begging and pleading with the fiendish clowns. The sound of the desperation in Chelsea’s voice brings tears to my eyes. The clown stabs the knife in Kendra’s thigh and the sound of her screams invade my ears. Chelsea is begging them to stop. One of the other clowns takes a sledgehammer and slams it down on Chelsea’s foot. She yells out in agony.

“I know a fun game we can play,” The psychotic clown with his black diamond eyes said. “Let’s cut all their fingers and toes off and make them eat em. Hahahaha!”

I feel sick to my stomach… I can’t watch any more of this. I turn the video off and head out to the women’s restroom. As soon as I get in there, I rush to the closest stall and throw up. I can’t take this anymore, I need to get my family out of this neighborhood. I rushed to get Emily and we head to the Principal’s office. On our way, we run into Gary of all people.

“Mrs. Porter, where are you heading in such a hurry?” he asked as if it’s just a normal day.

“We’re leaving… I’m not going to put my family in danger any longer,” I told him as his face turned to an almost frightened expression.

“You’re leaving?! You can’t leave!” he yelled at me angrily. I grabbed Emily’s hand, holding onto her tightly. We need to get out of here.

“Come on Emily, we’re leaving,” I quickly pulled her away, putting myself between Gary and her. Screw the Principal, we’re leaving now.

As we get into the car, I whip out my cell phone and call Tom. It immediately goes to voicemail. “Tom, we need to leave now, something terrible has happened. Chelsea and Kendra were murdered. I’ll tell you more, later. Call me as soon as you get this.”

“Mommy, did something bad happen to Ms. Chambers?” Emily asked.

“Honey, I’m so sorry to say this but Ms. Chambers and Kendra died,” I told her leaving out the details. I didn’t want to scare her. It’s my job to protect her.

I drove as fast as I could to get home. As we walked into the house, I told Emily to pack a suitcase with only the essentials. We need to leave immediately.

As I rushed up to our bedroom, I pulled out a suitcase from under the bed and started packing it with both Tom and my clothes. It was no sooner did I hear a car pull up. God, I hope that’s Tom. I rushed over to the window and what I saw caused my heart to sink. A black van pulled up and parked along the side of the road. The same clowns got out. The bald one with the black diamond eyes along with the one that was at the playground and a third I’ve only seen in the videos. This can’t be happening!

Oh my god! I left the door unlocked! I ran to Emily’s room, took her and locked ourselves in the bathroom. I grabbed my cell phone and called 911. I head the front door open as I told the dispatcher everything. He told me to remain calm. Unfortunately, all units are busy and he’ll send one out as soon as possible. I wanted to scream at him, but they would have heard me. Tears began to flow as Emily asked me what was going on. I told her everything was going to be alright. We just need to stay quiet. I heard footsteps throughout my house. Someone was climbing the stairs. Emily was crying as I held her tight. I had to put my hand over her mouth, desperately trying to be as silent as possible.

“I know you’re here, come out and play with us!” That voice! It was the same evil voice of the clown with the black diamond eyes. He’s going to kill us! The sound of a knock on the door caused my heart to skip a beat. He tried turning the handle, but the door was locked. “So this is where you’re hiding! Hahahaha.”

That laugh! That demonic laugh! My skin crawled at the sound of it. Emily clings to me as she sobbed. There’s nothing I could do to comfort her. I never felt more powerless. It’s my duty to protect my daughter, but what could I do against monsters like them?

A loud crack went off as the monsters tried to break down the door. I held Emily tightly against me, the sound of her cries broke my heart.

Another crack filled the air as the sharp end of an ax cut through the door. An idea shot through my mind. I grabbed my cell phone and opened up Facebook and started a live video. “Somebody please help! The clowns that killed Chelsea Chambers are trying to kill my daughter and me! Please, somebody, help us!” I flashed the camera at the door. Suddenly my phone started to vibrate. It was Tom!

“Tom! They’re trying to break into the bathroom! They’re going to kill us!” I yelled into the phone.

“Honey, stay calm! I’m on my way!”

Another crack made the hole even bigger in the door. This time it was the clown with a rainbow-colored afro. “Hello Ladies,” he said with a sadistic grin. I recognized that voice. It couldn’t be… “I told you, you can’t leave! We’re going to have so much fun with you.”

“Gary! Why!? Why are you doing this?” He reached his hand in and unlocked the door. All three of them rushed in, the bald one grabbed Emily. “Don’t you touch her!” I screamed. Emily was kicking and screaming. I tried to fight back, but the other two forced me down on my stomach, pinning my hands behind my back.

“Mommy!” my daughter screamed. I looked up, my vision blurred with tears as the creep put his hand over Emily’s mouth.

“Get your hands off of her!” I screamed as they tied my hands. This can’t be happening. Why are they doing this?! I heard Tom’s voice on the phone.

“Hold on, I’m almost there. I’m calling the police!”

“Hahahaha, the police have their hands full right now. No one is coming for you!”

“I’ve been waiting a long time to hear you scream,” Gary said as his hands traveled down my body, I shivered with disgust.

The other clown with the long red t-shirt grabbed my hair, bringing my face up to his. He was the one on the playground. “You almost got me caught, luckily without the costume, no one ever knew it was me.”

They pulled me to my feet and dragged us downstairs. I could hear Spot barking in the garage. “Will somebody kill that pest,” The bald one said as he carried my daughter, kicking and screaming, down the stairs. The one with the long red shirt went into the kitchen and came back with a knife.

“Please don’t do this!” I begged.

“That’s enough out of you,” Gary said as he slammed me down onto the couch. He looked around until his nasty smile got even wider. He walked over to where Spot’s dog bed was, he grabbed a nasty sock Spot had chewed on and took a sniff of it. He slowly turned his head to me and smiled… Such a horrifying smile… As he walked over to me, I clenched my mouth shut. “Why don’t you open that pretty mouth of yours, I’ve got a tasty treat to shove in it.”

He pinched my nose close, every second I went without air felt like an hour. As my lungs felt like they were going to explode, I finally opened my mouth to breathe. As soon as my lips parted, the creep shoved that nasty sock in my mouth. Then he took a handkerchief and tied it around my mouth. The taste of the sock, made my stomach turn. It was so disgusting. Dirty feet mixed with wet dog.

I heard Spot viciously barking and then he squealed and went silent.

The bald clown carried Emily out to the garage as Gary pulled me to my feet and followed him. Spot was lying dead on the floor with blood everywhere. The knife was still inside him. The ugly clown that killed him grabbed 2 chairs and put them in the center of the garage. They then tied both Emily and me to the chairs. We all heard a car pull up. “That must be Tom, her husband,” Gary told them.

“Get behind the door, we’ll lure him in here and you’ll knock him unconscious,” The bald one said as he walked over to Spot and pulled the knife out of him. He then went over to Emily and crouched behind her and held the knife to her throat. I struggled against my restraints, desperately trying to protect my baby girl. The other clown with the long red shirt and blue hair grabbed several nails and put them between his fingers, holding the sharp end against my neck. Gary Grabbed a shovel that was leaning against the wall and hid behind the door of the garage.

I heard Tom rush into the house, it wasn’t long before he made his way into the garage. He had a gun in his hand. The bald clown laughed as he hid behind Emily. He pointed the gun at the clowns, I tried to warn him about the Gary hiding behind the door, but the nasty sock muffled out my words. I was powerless to stop it. Before Tom could even react, Gary snuck up behind him and smacked him over the head with the shovel.

The clown holding the nails to my neck went back into the house and came out with another chair. Then he helped Gary lift Tom up to the chair, then they restrained and gagged him.

“Hurry up and get the camera set up,” the creepy bald one said. The clown with the red shirt hustled out of the garage.

Gary brought his painted face closer to mine. He smiled that sadistic smile. The red paint made his grin all the more fiendish. “I had so much fun playing with Chelsea and her girlfriend. The way she screamed as I cut off her fingers was music to my ears. Did you watch the video?”

The bald one let out a savage laugh. The shrill sound stabbed at my ears. “Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to play with them once we start recording.”

The clown with the red shirt and bow tie finally came back with a duffle bag. He started to unpack the bag and set up the camera against the large garage door. As he set it up he looked over at us with a deranged grin.

“Wake that one up, we’re almost ready,” Said the bald one. He brought his face inches away from mine. I got a good look at his rotting teeth. The smell of his breath was sickening. I turned my face away from him. “What games should we play with the three of you?” he breathed into my ear.

I saw Gary pull something out a small tube out of the duffle bag. He opened it and held it to Tom’s nose. It didn’t take long before Tom started to wake up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he started to struggle. I could hear his muffled pleas.

He pulled away and went over to Emily, I struggled against my restraints. Begged him not to touch her, but my pleas were useless with my mouth gagged with this disgusting sock.

He touched his finger against Emily’s cheek as she continued to cry. “My my my, this girl has such soft skin. Maybe we should peel it off of her while her parents watch…”

Watching helplessly as my child is being touched by that sadistic monster is a painfully scary feeling that literally made me feel sick inside. There’s nothing I could do to protect her from these monsters.

“Yes! I love it!” The one putting up the camera said.

“Very well, let’s turn the parents to face the girl,” the black diamond eyed clown said as he grabbed the back of my chair and turned it so I faced my daughter, Gary spun Tom to face us.

The one with the red shirt finished setting up the camera and came over to us. He smiled at me. The red face paint smeared around his mouth made it look like blood as if he just finished feeding off someone’s flesh. He hovered over me with such a vile grin. “Did you enjoy your pizza?” he asked. The memory of the creepy weird pizza guy flashed through my mind. It was him! That’s how they knew where we lived! “The meat was fresh if you know what I mean.”

My stomach clenched down as if I ate something rotten. I felt faint and couldn’t comprehend the implications. “Shall we begin?” the bald one asked.

“Awwww, are you sure I can’t just have a few minutes alone with the girl? It’ll only be a few minutes. I won’t kill her yet, I just want to have a little fun with her,” Gary said. I strain against my bindings at the mere thought of what that monster would do to my daughter. That sick freak! Those psychos killed Chelsea and Kendra, they killed those poor people in that church and now they had their sights on my family.

“No! We don’t have time for that, Jitters wants their blood, he needs more death. The longer we take, the less happy he’ll be. You’ve seen what he does when he’s not happy,” the bald one said.

“Ha, they think we’re scary, they’re lucky Jitters isn’t here. Those bloody red eyes of his give me the jitters. Ha, that’s probably why they call him Jitters. Anyways, he’d probably eat their flesh while they’re still alive with those sharp teeth of his,” the pizza delivery clown said.

“How many more people do we need to kill to satiate that demon?” Gary asked.

“I don’t know, let’s get on with it, you two stand behind them while I do the intro,” he said. Gary and the pizza guy got behind us, near the entrance to the house, which was left open. I noticed through the window it was completely dark outside. The realization that we’ve been here for hours and no one has come sank in. The bald clown stood in front of the camera and turned it on. He still had the bloody knife in his hand. “Hehe, hello boys and girls,” he said into the camera in a deep crackling voice. “I have a special treat for you tonight. Heheha.”

Once again that laugh sends chills down my spine. He moved out of the way from the camera. “We’re going to have some fun with these three,” he said as he walked over to Emily and held the bloody knife to her face. I gave one last attempt to break free. To save my baby girl from these monsters, but it was futile. He smeared the knife against her clothes. Then he bent down and dragged his disgusting tongue against her cheek. Emily closed her eyes tightly as tears stream down. I begged and pleaded through the dirty sock, but all that came out were muffled cries.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye a smokey mist start to creep into the garage. Was this all apart of their act? All of a sudden the lights went out.

“What the!?” the bald one said. A chill went down my spine as the room seemed to get colder. It was as if the heat was sucked out.

“Arggghgll,” someone grunted. I turned my head, looking over to see where the noise came from. In that brief moment, I saw two burning red orbs in the distance. My heart began to race as if it wasn’t already beating fast enough.

All of a sudden the lights flickered on for a split second revealing one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen. The burning red orbs belonged to what looked like the Grim Reaper. It was covered in a tattered cloak as the smokey mist seethed off of it. It had what looked like it’s hand, which had these long sharp talons, coming out of Gary’s chest, holding his bloody, still beating heart. The terror I felt at that moment was indescribable. The lights flickered off and on. Just like that, it was gone! It vanished! Gary was still standing for a few seconds before he collapsed to the ground, a look of terror glued to his dead painted face.

The lights flashed again and the ghost materialized behind the pizza delivery clown. He had its talons wrapped around his neck. It was hard to imagine a person like the evil psychotic clown being afraid, but I could see the fear in his eyes. The reaper ripped the man’s throat out. The clown fell to the ground holding his neck, I could hear the sounds of him choking on his own blood and then he went silent.

“No! Get away from me!” The clown with the black diamond eyes screamed as the ghost loomed over the dead clown. I’ve never seen a more frightening sight in my entire life, especially considering the terror these clowns have put me and my family through. To see this creature tear them apart was downright horrifying.

The room went dark. I could hear the demented screams of the last clown, the tearing of flesh and the breaking of bones. The screams that clown made will haunt me forever. When the lights came back on, the demonic ghost held the clown by the back of the neck in front of the camera. Suddenly it’s body detached from his head and fell to the ground as blood sprayed everywhere. It let go of his head as the lights went out again. I could hear the clown’s head hit the floor, the sound of blood splattering echoed throughout the room. The lights came back on and the ghost was gone, just like that. Tom and I looked at each other, both of us frozen with fear.

“You’re saying the ghost just vanished?” Detective O’Connell asks me.

“The lights were only off for a few seconds… When they flashed back on, the ghost was gone,” I confirm.

“Let me get this straight, are you implying that this “ghost” isn’t human?” she asks me as she brushes a strand of red hair behind her ear. Her hazel eyes with green flecks bare into me with disbelief.

“Whatever it is… It saved me and my family’s lives. I thought for sure those psychotic monsters were going to kill us, but that ghost or whatever it was stopped them,” I say as I meet her gaze. She leans back into her chair.

“I know the last few days have been traumatizing for you and your family and you have my sincere condolences, you should get some rest. If I have any more questions can I contact you?” she asks me.

“That will be fine, but we will be moving as far away from this city as possible.”



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